escape the information anxiety

Curate your feed by managing your followers using twitter private lists with reactive user experience.

Made by @rishabkapadia


Maintaining private lists is a constant back and forth navigation process
Cannot see all 'my following' users that can be added to the list
Search & Add: Can't recollect X users to be added
Have to visit each profile and add them to a list
Unable to maintain state in the infite scroll of followers list to unfollow profiles


Add user to the list and see the list with updated records in real-time (only those who you follow)
View users that exist in each list
View users that are not in any lists
Add users to list from a collection of users not present in current list
View all lists a user is present in
View all users across all lists
Avoid adding same user to multiple lists
1-click remove user from multiple lists

See through the noise.